Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can an engineering estimate of natural gas savings for my site (s) be calculated?

A:  Yes.  Click on link for calculator.

Q:  Can I estimate of the value of carbon offsets for my site (s)?

A:  Yes.  Click on link to see allowance prices from emissions trading systems around the world.  Upon registration and verification, your site could offer carbon offsets for sale.

Q:  Has an independent, certified, air emissions stack testing company tested the FBC emissions %Reduction Efficiency (%RE) for wood drying?

A:  Yes - Two of them!  Click on links to see certified air emissions stack testing companies that did testing.  In both tests, the FBC achieved over 90% RE on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), meeting the PCWP MACT standard.

Q:  Can the carbon media be reactivated and reused?

A:  Yes.  Click on the link to see California Carbon's reactivation guarantee.  They guarantee that carbon will be reactivated to 95% of Virgin Activity, per ASTM D 3467.

Q:  Can the effect of this technology on the wood pellet supply chain GHG emissions be calculated?

A:  Yes.  Click on the link to access the Drax Biomass Carbon Calculator

Q:  Can I sell the emissions collected at my site (s) using the FBC Recovery system?

A:  Yes.  Value of emissions is site dependent based on materials collected.  Please contact us for for assistance to estimate value.